The spirit of Nippon Budoin Seibukan

Traditional Japanese Martial Arts teach us Shin, Gi, Tai (Heart, Skill, Fitness), which are essential to humanity. We are most proud that the traditional martial arts are a part of our Japanese culture. These arts have been developed extensively by our ancestors' skills and imagination and have been handed down to us, for many generations.

Now many people all the world over want to learn Traditional Japanese Martial Arts, or Budo. All learners must try their best not only to understand Budo and Japanese culture, but to respect their own culture. Our common aim is to build strong ties, through our efforts, to spread and develop the Martial Arts in all the world. We believe this to be the role of Martial Arts in modern society.

The NIPPON BUDOIN SEIBUKAN's soul is to learn the spirit of humanity with courtesy and friendship, by learning Shin, Gi and Tai. Believing that the Martial Arts consists of more than skill in combat, we must always pay heed to the spirit and virtues of Budo.

Our Dojo is a comprehensive school which spreads and develops both the Japanese spirit and the skill of flexible offensive and defensive combat with or without weapons.

By understanding the mindset of Budo, one will be able to archieve good heath, ability in self-defence, and to adopt a code of ethics as outlined in the "Gojo-no-Toku" and "Gorin-no-michi" codes of the samurai.


(five virtues of the ideal person)

  • JIN - To be gentle and compassionate
  • GI - To possess the proper spirit
  • REI - To know gratitude
  • CHI - To be humble and wise
  • SHIN - To be loyal

    (five principles for humanity)

  • Teachers and students must act with faith
  • Treat your parents with respect
  • Husbands and wives must live with love
  • Our students, brothers and sisters must esteem seniority
  • Friends must behave with sincerity to each other