Yoshin-ryu is a specific style of Jujutsu (the art of flexibility)
His name means:

YO : To develop

SHIN : Mind/Spirit

RYU : To spread

That's to say, a school transmitted to develop the spirit.
With the above meanings in mind, one can say that the ultimate purpose of studying Japanese Budo (martial ways) is to cultivate the mind through the practice of matrial arts, and to spread this method of cultivating the mind as well as the techniques of ju-jutsu into the world.



Style Characteristics

The study of the techniques in Yoshin-ryu is divided in several points:


  • Atemi-waza and uke-waza (body attack and defence techniques)
  • Tai-jutsu (techniques applied with the only body)
  • Tanbo-jutsu (techniques applied with a short stick)
  • Hanbo-jutsu (techniques applied with a medium stick)
  • Ken-jutsu (techniques performed with the wooden sword)

    Each group is divided into sub-groups with a variable number of techniques from 8 to 12.